“A tattoo is a work of art”


Welcome, my name is Ramsley Flaneur and I am the proud owner of Flaneur’s tattoo studio. Flaneur’s tattoo studio is a professional tattoo shop that’s been located in Rotterdam for more than fifteen years. Our main concerns are quality, hygiene and the aftercare of our work. This is why Flaneur’s tattoo belongs to the best tattoo shops in the Netherlands.


A tattoo is a work of art that says something about you, your character, the things that interest you or what you hold dear. Therefore, getting a tattoo should be given the greatest care. Not only do we think about the colors, line thickness and composition but we also make sure that the materials that we use are of high quality and sterilized. I have been fascinated by the art of tattooing since the year of 1997. My love for this art form led to starting my own studio in the year of 2001.


My goal is to only put custom tattoos (making unique designs). This way, I can guarantee each and every customer will get a unique tattoo and I’m always open to face new challenges. I specialize in putting realistic tattoos, 3D tattoos, black and grey, color tattoos, cover-ups and Polynesian tattoos. The pictures of my work show you exactly what I am able of and enjoy doing. I have a lot of designs in the shop but these are mainly used as an inspiration for customers who do not exactly know what they want. You are always welcome to bring samples with you to the shop to serve as an inspiration. We will make sure to create a unique and special design to your liking.


I work by appointment only in order to guarantee high quality work and to meet up with the strict expectations of the Public Health Service (GGD). Appointments can only be made in the shop and you will need to pay a small deposit. Only if you cancel 24 hours in advance, your deposit will be fully refunded.