Portfolio Valentina

Originally I’m from Italy. I’m in the world of the tattoo from when I was a child. Thanks to my older sister, I grew up with the tattoo machine sound. After I lived many years in Spain, where I was enganged in the art of graphic, photography and Media world, I moved in London where I began to tattoo. I had the luck to be an assistant and apprentice of a big artist, my sister Benny Pagnoni. I had even the luck to keep in touch with so many big artists, where I could learn a lot from. One of them that influenced me more was Federico Amaterasu, who worked beside me for long time and taught me like a big brother. Thanks to all my preparations, I could arrived in Rotterdam and find a place in this fantastic shop. I play around with all of the different styles of tattoos, but actually I’m specialized in dotwork and geometrical compositions.