Tattoo process

Tattoo application During the application of a tattoo, ink is injected under the skin with small needles and pigments .This creates a permanent image that will last a lifetime. The ink and pigments must meet strict requirements. The requirements are monitored by the Food and Goods Authorities (Voedsel en Waren Autoriteiten). Before the tattoo is applied, the skin is cleaned and disinfected. Skin will be shaved if necessary. This is done with a new disposable razor. Applying a tattoo should be as hygienic as possible. Because the needle goes through your skin, it may only be used once. The needle must be from a sterile package and is not to be touched with bare hands.


The ink that is used, should also be sterile. The ink used for you will be put in small ink cups and will only be used for you. Leftover ink will be thrown away by us. Tissues will be used during the application of the tattoo. Of course, the tissues are clean and discarded immediately after use. The tattoo artist must wear tattoo gloves while applying your tattoo and replaces these gloves whenever they touch something else other than the tattoo machine and your skin tissue. Afterwards, the tattooed area will get the necessary treatment and will get covered up.